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  • Youth riders aged from 9 to 12 years old (on the day of the race) MUST be accompanied during the race by a responsible chaperone aged 18 years or over.

  • The responsible chaperone must either be a parent or a guardian of the youth rider or have express written permission from the guardian or parent to be a chaperone.

  • A chaperone may have responsibility for a maximum of two youth riders.

  • A chaperone has a responsibility of duty and care for the youth rider(s) for whom he or she is acting as a chaperone, including following all rules within this statement of responsibility and registering the youth riders and checking them back in at the end of the event.

  • The chaperone must accompany and remain in constant contact with the youth riders they have responsibility for during the entire event.

  • In particular in order to fully discharge their responsibilities, a chaperone is not allowed to race during the Enduro and during the downhill sections of the event the chaperone must ride behind and within reasonable contact distance of the youth rider(s) for whom they have responsibility.

  • If there is any reason that a youth racer needs to withdraw from the event (illness, injury, fatigue, etc.) the chaperone must advise the nearest marshall (or otherwise call the advised emergency contact number) and accompany the youth back to the event village or with medical assistance if that proves necessary.

  • If a chaperone is accompanying two youth riders and it becomes necessary for one to withdraw, the chaperone will need to withdraw they will also withdraw the second rider and ensure they are also accompanied safely back to the event village.

  • It is not acceptable to pass responsibility for a youth to chaperone another youth on the hill, unless there absolutely no reasonable alternative eg an emergency situation.