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Beinn a Bhuird, The Sneck and Glen Quoich

Updated: Feb 10

Looking west to Cairngorm across the Avon River Valley

This is a tough ride to a lonely part of the Cairngorms. I started out from the Car Park at the Linn of Quoich and followed the forested glen to the foot of Beinn a' Bhuird. Have a rest in Sheilings in the forest before the long climb up a spur of the mountain and the open whale back summit. Beware the steep edges of the corries.

Take some time to look north into the Garbh Choire and the tors on Ben Avon. Pick your way carefully down the scree to the Sneck. The Sneck is where the valley running down to the south, meets the corrie to the north - a very dramatic spot. The path down from the top is tricky to start, but develops into a classic rolling descent back down to the car.