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Charr Bothy and Clachnaben

Updated: Feb 10

This is a great morning's ride on estate tracks. The ride surface may not be challenging, but there is a good old gradient on the climb to the tops. Start from the bridge in Glen Dye, on the Military Road, and follow the burn past the reservoir to the Charr Bothy. The road to the south beckons you on to Glen Esk over the ridge but this is for another time.

Road to the south from Charr Bothy over to Glen Esk

Continue on up the stream following the track as it turns to the north and upwards. After about 3km of climbing you top out on the crest of the Mounth - the line of hills to the south of the river Dee. The road west leads to Mount Battock and Mount Keen (again for another time), our route today heads east towards the granite tor of Clachnaben and a great view of the sea.

Granite Tor, Clachnaben, and on to the sea.

Along the ridge line you will see examples of deep erosion in to the peat. There are also plenty of grouse butts, that make a handy windbreak, along the way. Take a right down an even steeper gradient (take it steady) back to the Bothy and home.