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Glen Quoich, Clais Fhearnaig, Glen Lui

Updated: Feb 10

This is an easy morning's ride in some wild country. From the Linn of Quoich Carpark take the track in to the Glen. This is a great trip in sunshine because the mature pines have a fantastic scent and offer welcome shade. The path winds along the river bank. In places its eroded, and a bypass is in place. The path is easy going, until the stream crossing at Allt Claie Fhearnaig. Climb the path just before the crossing towards the southwest. The climb is a good technical climb with some easy steps.

River Crossing or riverside trail in Glen Quoich

From the crest of the rise, the slot-shaped valley of the Clais Fhearnaig is clear, along with the path running along the north side of the lake. Ride, shuffle, carry your bike along the narrow path depending on your trial skills until is emerges on the hillside above Glen Lui. The path down in to Glen Lui is great fun, with a few tricky steps and drops but all clear from above.

The track down joins the main landrover track in to Derry Lodge, near an ruined township (good place for a snack). Follow landrover track south, across the bridge and back towards the Linn of Dee Carpark. There is the option to take the walkers path along the gorge of the Water of Lui. This is a fun, pump track-type ride, but close to the edge in places so not for the unsupervised. Make your way back to the car on the road, fire-roads to the right of the road or through the Mar Estate to the left.