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We spend our time wandering the hills, forests and glens, trying new paths, getting lost, tired, stung in search of the perfect trails and things to see.

This understanding of the Cairngorms, and experience leading riders of all abilities, means we can give you the perfect day out with no fuss. Its all great riding for you.

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Macdui Bike Adventures will support you through all aspects of your ride. We will prepare a suitable route, and alternative routes, to match your ability and preferences. We carry safety equipment and parts to keep you running, and maybe stretch your comfort zone a bit.


Its not all about the riding. Its the places we visit, the environment we ride through and the history of the landscape that all add to the quality of your ride. 

We like to build up relationships with cafes, restaurants, bike shops and hotels so we can take you to the best places and give you the best advice.

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