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Be Prepared

You don't need a lot of fancy kit for most of our rides but there are some essentials that will make your ride safer, more comfortable and fun. The actual kit list depends on the weather and time of year, but these should always be considered.


A cycling helmet is required to join our rides. The helmet should be in good condition and not more than two years old. Macdui Bike Adventures can provide helmets for adults and children.

Eye Protection

Glasses are recommended to protect from debris coming up from the trail, particularly in the wet, and low branches.

Small Rucksack

This is to carrry your drink and snacks, as wells as layers of clothing you may take on and off. More carrying capacity and gear will be required for long trips.

Protective Gloves

Full finger gloves are required to improve your grip on the handle bars and protect you in a fall. Macdui Bike Adventures can provide gloves for adults and children.

Waterproof Jacket 

Even when it is not raining you are likely to get muddy. A light water resistant jacket will protect your clothes and keep your layers of clothing dry.

Socks and Shoes

Rigid, robust shoes with a firm sole are ideal for mountain biking. And again, even on a dry day your feet may get wet, so good socks are useful.


You may bring your own bike or hire one from Macdui Bike Adventures. Bikes must have disc brakes, wide, knobbly tyres, non-slip pedals and a low gear ratio to cope with most of the rides we offer. Bikes from Macdui Bike Adventures Bike have full suspension (front and rear forks), a dropper post for easy descending and 12 speed gears. 

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