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£25 per person.

Every Thursday we'll get together for a ride. Locations will vary week to week to keep it interesting and instructive.

Very often the hardest things to do are make time for yourself and get out on your bike. On top of that you have to find a group to ride, at a time you can agree on. Then your not sure the route will be too hard or too easy, the pace is to fast or you've got the right spot for the best conditions.

Our Women Only Trail Rides are designed for riders that hope to ride a couple of times a week, but don't always make it. Want to improve their confidence, but just need a few pointers. Are hoping to move on to bigger rides, but need a group of friends to hook up with. 

Whatever your ability, beginner or good intermediate, these small groups rides are perfect for 1:1 tips and hints from your guide, checking out new trails and sharing the experience of  the other riders.

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