Aberdeen City Rides: Den of Cults, Foggieton Woods and Morrison's Bridge.

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

This route is all about the River Dee. It has great views to Upper Deeside and a roller coaster ride along the river's north bank to Morrison's Suspension Bridge.

I have started this route description at the Cults Hotel on the North Deeside Road as an easy reference point. From here, follow the line of Cults Burn on the steep track to the left of the hotel up to Friarsfield Road and Kirk Brae (cycle track) and then take the path left into Foggieton Woods at the Forestry Commission sign, and follow it to across the Ladyhill Road. After the road, keep left to take a route through the silver birch trees to the carpark on the western edge of the woods.

Ride the steep section of road up to Blacktop, make a right then left in to the woods at a layby. Keep left on all the tracks through Countesswells Woods until you reach the southwest corner, at the bottom of the hill, and a view over the AWPR up Deeside. An alternative is to miss this section in the woods by riding along Blacktop road to the same point.

Go under the AWPR bridge and take the farm track to the 2nd left as the road swings right. Keep on the main track, heading over the western brow of the hill. A wide view along Deeside to Lochnagar opens up to the west; so keep your head up on the climb.